A statement about the mission I am on.


The traditional view of buyers and sellers pits them against one another, casting them as natural adversaries. This is a view that is reinforced by real estate law which is founded on the principle of caveat emptor, which, translated, means “buyer beware”.


But what I have found to be true is that there are critical areas in which the interests of buyers and sellers are naturally aligned and where what serves one automatically serves the other as well. 


The reality is that all buyers will eventually become sellers and all sellers, buyers. They are separated only by a measure of time in what is essentially one process that is continuously unfolding. 

My experience is that caveat emptor has led to an industry-wide focus on mindsets and practices that chronically underserve sellers and buyers as well as undermine the quality of our housing stock.

As a real estate broker, I am on a mission to provide services that save buyers money, make sellers money and support the quality of our housing stock overall.

Sellers, I am committed to providing an enhanced listing protocol for your home that includes the appropriate inspections, minor repairs, cleaning and/or staging services according to your specific needs at no extra cost to you.


I provide this knowing that for most people, value must be demonstrated to be perceived and that what takes the guesswork out of the process for Buyers - increased knowledge and transparency of product - is the very thing that gives them the confidence to compete aggressively to buy your home, 

Buyers, I am committed to making sure your eyes are open to y lipstick on the proverbial pig.


I will teach you how to assess the physical condition and value potential of a home so that you can make confident, savvy choices that will stand you in good stead now as well as in the future. 


And when you've found the one, I will bring in the appropriate experts to confirm and advise at no extra cost to you.


Homeowners, for you my commitment is to to support your home stewardship through  ongoing education about how to maintain and increase your home's value until the time comes to become Sellers again and pass the torch.