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The traditional view of buyers and sellers as adversaries has created an industry-wide mindset and set of practices that  underserves both and undermines the quality of our housing stock.

We can do better.

By shifting our attention away from an outdated sales mindset toward one that places emphasis on an issue of far greater concern to all homeowners - clarity of product - we create the conditions necessary for the highest outcome to be achieved for both buyers and sellers. It is entirely possible for a buyer to have paid pay top dollar and have made a savvy purchase.


Buyers, I see it as my responsibility to teach you how to assess the physical condition and true value potential of a home/property so that when the time comes to buy, you can make a decision that is not just informed, but also savvy.


My basic service for buying clients includes reminbursement for half the cost of all inspections up to a maximum of $500.00.

Sellers, I see it as my job to be provide buyers with as much information about your home as they could want. By accessing multiple sources - including information provided by you and calling on experts where appropriate - I create a comprehensive property profile for prospective buyers that minimizes guesswork, creating the confidence they need to bring their best offers forward.

My basic service for selling clients includes the cost of appropriate inspections, minor repairs, cleaning and/or staging services as required to appropriately prepare their home/property for market, up to a maximum of $1000.00

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