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There are 3 responses to a house for sale -

yes, no and Wow!

Wow! is what I'm going for.

As your REALTOR, my professional committment is to closely manage the sale of your home from start to finish in accordance with industry regulations and legal requirements so that your interests and those of your largest financial asset are protected at all times. This includes the expert preparation of all documentation and contractual paperwork.


After touring your home with you, I will provide you with a well-documented market evaluation, pricing strategies and expert guidance on how to best prepare your property for prospective buyers.

My signature 1-2 punch marketing strategy involves first creating a comprehensive property profile designed to reduce guesswork on the part of prospecive buyers and then backing that information up by helping you to demonstrate the value of your home in the way that it is prepared for viewing. 

This strategy may include inspections, minor repairs, cleaning and/or staging services, depending on what your particular situation calls for.


As part of my basic listing service, I will  the cost of these up to a maximum of $500.

Once your home is ready to be viewed by prospective buyers, my job becomes one of managing showings, communicating with prospective buyers and their agents and, eventually, skillfully negotiating the best possible price and most favorable terms for you.


Following the sale of your home, I provide close supervision of the closing process and am by side your side until the new owner has successfully taken possession of your home.

on gathering crucial information for your property profile.



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