There are 3 responses to a house for sale -

yes, no and Wow!

Wow! is what I'm going for.

We judge books by their covers – we can’t help it.

First impressions are formed in 7 seconds and they run deep, coloring everything that comes after.

The secret to realizing your home’s highest value in the marketplace lies in making a great first impression, backing it up with a well-groomed product and pricing it based on marketplace evidence and in accordance with the marketing strategy we have chosen.

I will provide you with a well documented market evaluation and pricing strategy, expert guidance on property preparation, as well as my my signature property styling and staging.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

My job as your Realtor® is to manage your transaction from start to finish  in accordance with industry regulations and legal requirements so that your interests, as well as your largest financial asset, are protected at all times. 

This also includes:

1. expert preparation of  all of the necessary documentation. 

2. development and implementation of  a marketing strategy customized for your home and the buyers who will place the most value on it,
3. management of all showings.

4. the handling of all inquiries.

5. skilled negotiation with prospective Buyers and their Agents, and 

6. supervision of the closing process.




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