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My offer to Sellers

Short Version:
Staging as a stand-alone service adds $1500 - $5000 to the cost of selling your home, but I have devised a way to offer this service to all of my clients at no extra cost.


Longer Version:

Studies show that groomed and staged properties appeal to more buyers and therefore sell for more money. This has been my experience as well.

Staging is not about putting lipstick on the proverbial pig - it is not meant to hide flaws but to accentuate all of the best aspects of your home, creating a sense of comfort and beauty. Buyers are shopping for a home, after all.


Staging is as much about demonstrating function as well as creating a sense of comfort and beauty and is used to demonstrate the highest use of spaces in your home, which is especially important for any aspect of it's layout that could be perceived as awkward or problematic - that spare room, that bit of space at the bottom of the stairs, the living room that is on the small side, etc...

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