Property Book Checklist


Gather all of the information you have regarding your home in one place using this checklist:

1. a list of all upgrades, the dates they were made, invoices and any other relevant documentation along with the contact information for the tradespeople who did the work,


2. a copy of your current property tax notice,


3. your home’s hydro and gas utility costs for the past 12 months.


           You can access your account information online:


Or you can contact Hydro by telephone (204) 480-5900.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • your account number

  • the address for service, and

  • the telephone number you have provided as your primary number

4. your building location certificate and zoning memorandum  (if you have these - some homeowners have opted for title insurance as an alternative - they will most likely by found in the papers your lawyer gave you when you bought your home),


5. rental contracts such as alarm, hot water tank or anything financed through Hydro,

6. if this is an estate sale, you will have to provide a copy of Grant of Probate. If probate has not yet been granted, what is required is a letter from the lawyer to the estate listing the name(s) of all executors. All executors must sign all legal documents, including the listing contract.


7. a list of inclusions - items to be included in the sale of your home  - and any documentation that goes with them.  Include any documentation that you have for any other system or piece of equipment associated with the property,


Common inclusions are fridge, stove, built-in dishwasher, built-in microwave, washer, dryer, freezer, build-in vacuum and accessories, blinds, window coverings, garage door opener and remotes, shed, window air conditioner.


8. a list of exclusions - items that a buyer might assume are included in the sale that you plan to take with you. 


I've seen dining room chandeliers which were family heirlooms, stand alone electric fireplaces not attached to the wall but look like they are, window treatments that match a bedroom set, etc…


9. a copy of the  Property Disclosure Statement, unless it is a property in which you have never lived and cannot speak to (ie rental property or estate sale).

Review the questions in the Property Disclosure Statement (PDS)