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Gather Documentation and Information for your Property Profile

Buyers value information about your home - the more information we can provide, the more confidence they will have in in competing with other buyers for the chance to own it. 


Here is a list of documents and information you may have or can access - provide what you can and leave the rest to me.


  1. a list of significant upgrades with as much information as you can provide, such as the date, an invoice, description of the work done, the name and contact info of the company or individual, warranties, if there are any, and any other relevant documentation;

  2. a list of the most recent and/or routine maintenance performed. Maybe you had the furnace serviced every second year by some company or the plumbing lines cleared of tree roots every year by Roto Rooter, etc.;

  3. a copy of your current property tax assessment with a notation indicating whether you pay through the TIPP program or once a year;

  4. your home’s hydro and gas utility costs for the past 12 month


  5. a building location certificate (property  survey) and zoning memorandum if you have these;

  6. any documentation that you have for appliances, systems or other items that will be remaining with the property;

  7. a copy of any rental contracts such as alarm, hot water tank or anything financed through Manitoba Hydro;

  8. if you have an alarm, the code and information for changing it;

  9. if this is an estate sale, a copy of the Grant of Probate, or, if probate has not yet been granted,  a letter from the estate lawyer listing the name(s) of all executors. Note: All executors must sign all legal documents, including the listing contract;

  10. if this is a sale made under Power of Attorney, a letter authorizing that.

  11. a list of inclusions - items to be included in the sale of your home. Anything built in, such as built-in dishwashers and microwaves, are generally assumed to be included as are central vac canisters and attachments as well as garage door openers and remotes

  12. a list of exclusions - items that a buyer might assume are included in the sale that you plan to take with you. 

  13. Other information specific to your property that only you would know about.

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